Apathetic accuracy

A razor beneath a blunt blade

- Mai -
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Series/Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character's Name: Mai (pronounced like the month)
Character's Sex: The gender possessing XX chromosomes
Character's Age: 15

A brief background of the character:
Mai is an impassive, highly apathetic girl who cares about very little and often finds herself bored or annoyed with occurring situations or people's antics. She didn't have a traumatic past or scarring experience that rendered her this way. She's simply like this because it's who she is. She's been friends with Azula, the aggressive and conniving genius firebender of a Fire Nation princess, and Ty-Lee, a bubbly but skilled acrobat, since they were children and developed a small crush on Azula's older brother Zuko. Her family lived in the Fire Nation until Fire Lord Ozai appointed her father governor of the occupied Earth Kingdom city Omashu. Azula recruited her and Ty-Lee to aid her on her mission to hunt down her banished, renegade brother and uncle Iroh as well as capture the Avater Aang, the 12-year old reincarnation of the previous Avatars who also possessed the ability to manipulate or "bend" the four elements (water, fire, earth, air, you know the drill).

Though she hardly shows enthusiasm for anything, when called upon Mai is ready to fight, perhaps begrudgingly sometimes, and specializes in projectiles, specifically darts and needles. She wears arm and shin cuffs that shoot out a barrage of darts when triggered, and she demonstrates rather accurate aim. Sometimes she throws daggers or shuriken in battle, but she prefers to rely on the shooters hidden beneath her sleeves and pant legs. Recently, the three-woman team infiltrated the Earth Kingdom capital Ba Sing Sei disguised as Kiyoshi Warriors and managed to take over the kingdom. Unfortunately, Mai didn't get much action during the big battle, so she probably thinks a feat like capturing a whole nation is just as boring as everything else.

How your character got to Port Mango: Finding herself in her spiffy new Earth Kingdom castle room bored as usual, Mai was shooting darts at her wall. Some of them hit a specific spot on her wall, and a secret tunnel opened. She went to collect her darts--because a gaping hold of a secret passageway in her room isn't enough to hold her interest--got sucked through what actually was a portal, and voila! Port Mango!

School Schedule
Mai ? Grade 10
Day One Day Two

P01 P.E. P05 Home Ec.
P02 History P06 Science
P03 Math P07 English
P04 Photography P08 Geography