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16th-Nov-2007 11:56 pm - Trading water for darts back
Water Tribe is still lame, but waterbending was all right. It's empowering to have that much control over the elements. I'll stick to my darts, though. They're efficient, light, and easier to control. And in some ways, more deadly. Who knows what would happen if I stuck you at a vital point, or if I soaked the tips with something toxic? Bending can do a lot of damage, but it can be clumsy, and in certain conditions you're weakened or unable to bend at all. I liked the short-lived experience.
9th-Nov-2007 04:20 pm - Irony
I'm a waterbender. The annoyingly persistent one that travels around with the Avatar, actually. Talk about jokes that backfire.

*pulls water from the tea she's drinking*

I guess it's not all that bad.

((OOC: If any of you are familiar with the Avatar canon, Mai dressed up as Book 2: Earth Katara for Halloween. Her hair is pulled back in a bun and braid. She's wearing a light blue dress with white trimming at the neckline and hemline that wraps around the chest and fastens at the side. Faux fir lines the bottom of her skirt, which goes to her ankles and splits at her lower hips. Underneath the skirt she's wearing baggy navy blue pants. As for accessories, she's got a generic blue circle pendant necklace to mimic Katara's mother's necklace (Mai didn't care to duplicate the design), navy blue cuffs that go halfway up her lower arm, a wineskin for her bending water, and gray moccasins.))
25th-Oct-2007 11:31 pm - Tell me...
Just there
What exactly is this Halloween? There seems to be a lot of black involved, so it must be a good thing.
7th-Oct-2007 06:31 pm - Rain, rain, go away...
I don't mind rain. Something needs to balance out the sunshine when it gets unbearable and ugly orange. That something shouldn't have to be a tropical storm, though. That's too much, especially when it forces you to evacuate into a single, cramped building -- cramped mostly because of Mango Bots. Refuge living is so old already. This storm needs to go away now so we can get back to our lives.

Since we're all stuck in City Hall, what do you think the chances are we'll see that kook of a so-called mayor around?
24th-Sep-2007 01:24 pm - Back to normal
Just there
I guess this is old news, but I'm back to normal just like everyone else. My own body isn't really something I'd think to take for granted, but since this place is crazy and can somehow manage to rip me away from it, I'm glad to have it back. I still have a lingering but fading urge to draw, though.

Ty Lee, where have you been? You popped up here and I haven't heard from you since.

((OOC: Yes finally, a new post that isn't people leaving. The droves of dropping players scares and saddens meh. O.O;;))
6th-Sep-2007 10:10 pm - What now?
Just there
Why am I a boy?

20th-Aug-2007 12:49 pm - Not tiny
It seems like I was spared from the shrinking bout. Aren't I lucky.
If it has anything to do with the snow, I'll be highly amused, especially since so many of you insisted snow was fun while I stayed inside to wait it out.
16th-Aug-2007 01:49 pm - These things are moronic
Quell my curiosity boredom:

You may ask me any question pertaining to anything. You are limited to two questions.
3rd-Aug-2007 01:30 am - I should stop being surprised by now
Just there
It's snowing. On a tropical village. Okay.

I hate the snow. Give me warmth and sunshine any day.

I found some notice on my door basically kicking me out of my house and telling me to move into a new one. Pity, I was getting used to having the house to myself. These little annoyances keep creeping up on me with a vengeance, and it's irritating me to no end. I'd move now except the current weather conditions make that a little difficult, put lightly. I'm staying inside where it's warm until this is all over. What a bother.
Oh bother
I was cleaning my room out of boredom not too long ago and came across this horrific thing:
OOC: Spoiler from the Book Three: Fire Comic-Con video. You have been warned.Collapse )
Why in the world did I have this drawn for me at the fair? Those mangoes cease to leave me alone in their own little ways.

I got the job at the tea shop. I'll start there this week, so if any of you stop by, you'd best not bother me. It's bad enough I have to work at all.

Temari, still angry enough to vent through taijutsu? I could use a proper distraction myself.
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